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  1. adj. 1: Something that is interesting because it is strange; Something eyecatching, particularly to one under the influence of drugs or alcohol mmkay. See also trippy. 2: Someone that is interesting in an odd way because they do random, strange things.
  2. Busy, Buzzy Bees. Spanish Explore This Issue. Listen and Read Extend the Lesson. Video. Busy, Busy Bees! Game. Build an Insect. Hands-on activity. Be a Honeybee! Videos (1) Games (1) Skill Sheets. Academic Standards.
  3. Buzzy definition, generating intense enthusiasm, excitement, etc.: a buzzy new film. See more.
  4. Buzzy was made for all up and coming modern publishers & magazines! Entertainment. Greatest art comes when in doubt. Design. Gallery is truly a place of peace. Fb. In. Tw. Be. Subscribe To Our Newsletter List. Subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to know about it. Subscribe.

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